Gem Tower Defense


Jun 16
  • iPhone Gem Defense version 1.0.1 released.
Nov 15
  • Added a Sandbox mode located here:
  • Sandbox mode is only available to those players who have beat all 40 levels on Extreme difficulty.
Oct 5
  • Fixed upgraded Red Crystal gems' negative armor aura.
Oct 3
  • Fixed crash related to speed reaching 0, this should finally fix the uranium gem.
  • Changed 99% stun chance for enchanted emeralds to 15%, accidently left to 99% for debugging.
  • Corrected Mystic/Black Opal tooltip.
Oct 2
  • Removed Uranium/Blood Stone's secondary attack which was causing the game to crash. Increased both gems base attack damage.
  • Fixed minor issue with speed aura calculations from opal gems.
Sept 27
  • Fixed crash related to burn damage gems (Uranium, Star Rubies).
  • Fixed crash related to Uranium 235.
Sept 26
  • Fixed Major bug for levels 41 to 50+ on Survival (HP of enemies was decreasing and reached zero at level 50).
  • Fixed permanent stun issue. (I fixed this time I promise!)
  • Added square outlines around the newly 5 placed gems placed.
  • Added critical damage strike text above enemies.
Sept 24
  • Added mouse over Tooltips for each gem to the Special Gem recipes.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Ancient Blood Stone from casting Flame Strike.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Flamestrike and Frostnova animations to be invisible.
Sept 22
  • Added back the reset button, should be working correctly now.
  • Fixed minimum speeds as they were not working correctly, also lowered minimum speeds for levels passed 17 on Extreme and Survival.
Sept 21
  • Fixed game breaking issue with minimum speed for NPCs at higher levels
Sept 20
  • Fixed issue with animation not resuming when mobs were stunned.
Sept 19
  • Fixed the speed and armor penalty auras and lowered the Uranium's gem speed aura penalty from 75% to 50%
  • Removed the reset game button due to it not completely resetting all the game values. It will take a few days to fix
  • Fixed UI updating issues for mobs and gem stats
  • Fixed the mobs leaking cost, should now start at 1 and increase by 1 every 4 levels.
Sept 18Release of version 1.0
  • Changed Insane difficulty to Survival now with no level cap
  • Added option to repick the 5 placed gems for a cost in gold, cost increases each time repick is used
  • Added ability to buy lives
  • Life cost for leaking mobs increases with level
  • Rebalanced Extreme and Survival difficulty. Survival should be much harder and near to impossible at level 35+.
  • Star ruby and Uranium's damage aura ability only stack once per mob now
  • Added keyboard shortcuts:
    • b - place gem
    • r - remove gem
    • e - keep gem
    • c - combine gem
    • s - combine special gem
    • d - downgrade gem
    • x - reset game
  • Added ability to select multiple gems by holding down the Shift key
  • Added color fonts indicating damage types of gems and damage weakness for mobs
  • First round for Extreme and Insane difficulties now always yield either a Silver or Malachite
  • Wiped high scores due to major changes in difficulties
July 16The testing contest I setup for my Eve buddies finished today, congrats to Iromei on winning with the highest score on Insane.
July 9Website up and a fairly stable version of the game uploaded. Also started a contest with my Eve Online alliance to see who can get the highest score and help with testing the game.