Gem Tower Defense

Main Objective

Reach the final level without loosing all your lives by destroying mobs before they reach the final waypoint.

Choosing a Difficulty

Select a difficulty which matches your level of game play. If you have never played before select EASY.

Note: Harder difficulties will increase your score.

Placing Rocks

Select the PLACE GEM button and an image of a rock will appear under your cursor. Drag the rock onto the map and place it. Once the rock is placed it will randomly turn into one of the eight types of gems. Each level you must place five rocks.

Note: You cannot place towers on waypoint platforms or out of bounds. Also you cannot completely encircle an away point, this is known as blocking.

Choosing a Gem Tower

Once rocks are places they will reveal the potential stats of your gem towers. Select each one to determine which gem has the best stats by comparing the descriptions on the right hand side. Once you have decided which gem has the best stats, select the KEEP button and that rock will transform into a gem tower. Only 1 gem can be kept per level.

Note: Air mobs only come every four levels so do not KEEP an amethyst gem (which attacks air only) as your first gem.

Combining Gem Towers

You can combine two gem towers of the same type to create an upgraded version of that gem tower. Select the gem you want to keep and click COMBINE.

Note: Gems can only be combined during the initially placing of the 5 rocks.


After you select �KEEP or COMBINE�, a series of mobs will enter the map and will attempt to follow the path to all the waypoints. Each one that reaches the end will steal one of your lives. If all your lives are stolen you will loose the game.

Upgrading Quality

You will gain gold for each mob that you kill. Once you have enough gold you should select the UPGRADE QUALITY button to improve your chances of getting higher quality gem towers.

Creating Special Gem Towers

To win the game it is suggested that you build special gem towers. The recipes are shown at the bottom of the page. Once you have all the components select one of the towers and click the �COMBINE SPECIAL� button to create your special gem tower.

Upgrading Special Towers

Once you have enough gold you can improve your special tower by clicking on the UPGRADE GEM button.

Good Luck!