Gem Tower Defense

High Scores

Scores are calculated with the following equation: Total Score = Difficulty x Level Score + Time Score
Note, harder difficulties result in a greater high score

Survival | Extreme | Hard | Normal | Easy
NameTotal ScoreLevelDifficultyLevel ScoreTime ScoreTime (sec)
hi27585441Hard (x4)68921170811
hi27583341Hard (x4)68921149924
hi27582141Hard (x4)689211371006
ajb27577041Hard (x4)68921861598
Dancyn27575641Hard (x4)68921721916
Shmikes Hard27575541Hard (x4)68921711947
Castle27574941Hard (x4)68921652113
Booky27574841Hard (x4)68921642147
Matt27573441Hard (x4)68921502768
jb27572741Hard (x4)68921433243
I WON BCHS27572041Hard (x4)68921363844
QUK27571441Hard (x4)68921304633
Notch17154935Hard (x4)42875491815
blurg17153835Hard (x4)42875382322
first game4870423Hard (x4)1216736738
NOTCH2574Hard (x4)641199